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A Haunting Experience of Crossing the Netherworld A Personal Account

A Haunting Experience of Crossing the Netherworld A Personal Account

A Haunting Experience of Crossing the Netherworld A Personal Account

It was a dark and silent night when I got ready to go to bed. As I switched off the lights, I heard the door of my room close with a gentle creaking sound. At first, I dismissed it as my imagination, but the sound of the closing door repeated itself a few times. I got up and opened the door to check, but there was nothing there. I decided to ignore it and went back to bed.

However, as I lay half asleep, the sound of the closing door kept repeating itself. It was as if someone was trying to enter my room. On the third night, I became impatient and spoke out loud to the air, “Do you want to get into trouble?” Surprisingly, the noise stopped immediately.

It was around 10 pm on the fourth night when I had another out-of-body experience. I felt my soul detach from my body, and I fell rapidly towards somewhere dark. When I landed, I found myself on a road, with two dark blue figures walking in front of me. They turned around slowly, and I could sense the dread rising inside me. Their faces were indistinguishable, but I could tell they were in their early twenties.

I asked them where I was, and they turned to me with a strange expression. They began to approach me, and I felt an overwhelming sense of fear. I turned and ran, but I couldn’t move quickly enough. I tripped and fell, looking up to see a golden light emanating from the crack of an elevator door.

I struggled to stand up and climbed the stairs to reach the elevator door. As I approached it, an invisible force suddenly pulled me back into my room. I saw my body lying on the bed, and my soul dissolved back into my body.

When I woke up, I felt extremely tired and weak. It was as if all my energy had been drained from my body. I consulted a master at a temple, and he told me that what I had experienced was called crossing the netherworld. It was a phenomenon where souls left their bodies to deal with things in the spirit world.

To this day, I still can’t explain what happened to me that night. The sound of the closing door, the dark figures, and the exhaustion that followed have stayed with me ever since. I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced something similar, and if so, what they went through.

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