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An apparition in a white robe with a hood covering half of his face

An apparition in a white robe with a hood covering half of his face

An apparition in a white robe with a hood covering half of his face

Growing up in the little suburban village of Guizhou, China, I had always been familiar with the ancient traditions of our community. Coffins were a common sight in every home, as each family prepared them for their elderly dead. My family’s yard was no exception, with three houses standing in a row. The one in the middle was where my family lived, while the left one served as our bathroom, and the right one was used as a savings room, in which two coffins lay for my grandparents.

I was a child back then, around ten or eleven years old. Due to my parents’ work, I was mostly taken care of by my grandparents, who I loved more than anything in the world. My grandpa was a soldier who had fought in Vietnam in his 20s and was now in his 90s. He was in good health and often told me stories of his time in the war.

One summer night, I went to bed without going to the bathroom first, which was a common practice for me to prevent bed wetting. In the middle of the night, I woke up feeling the urge to pee. I called out to my grandpa to turn on the lamp so I could go to the bathroom, but he denied my request, feeling annoyed. Left with no other option, I had to go to the bathroom alone, which was located outside the house.

As I walked towards the bathroom, I saw a man in a white robe with a hood covering half of his face standing outside the savings room. I could see black holes where his eyes should have been, a pale face, a pointy chin, and crimson lips. He slowly walked towards me with his right hand reaching out. I was frozen in fear, unable to move or scream. The moonlight was bright enough to reveal all the details on his face.

He came closer and closer until he was right in front of me. He put his forefinger on his lips, signaling me to keep quiet, and then slowly walked backward towards the savings room. I watched in horror as he faded away into the coffins as if he was evaporating into the air, disappearing without a trace.

After he disappeared, I was finally able to move again. I was crying and screaming for my grandpa, who quickly came out to check on me. I told him what had happened, but he didn’t believe me, thinking I had just had a bad dream. He carried me back into the house and tried to comfort me.

Years have passed since that fateful night, but I still wonder who that man was and what he wanted. Despite his terrifying appearance, I did not feel any malicious intent from him. It was as if I was watching a man whom I was familiar with, but could not remember where I had seen him before. The memory of that night has stayed with me, haunting me until this day.

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