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Beyond the Physical A Journey into the Spiritual Realm through the Eyes of a Grandson

Beyond the Physical A Journey into the Spiritual Realm through the Eyes of a Grandson

Beyond the Physical A Journey into the Spiritual Realm through the Eyes of a Grandson

I was born in 2000 in Guizhou Province and grew up in the city. Paranormal activities were rare to me, and I used to be an atheist until my grandfather passed away from illness. It changed my views on the world.

My grandfather had cerebral infarction, hypertension, diabetes, and dementia, which tortured him for two or three years. In the last year of my middle school, I received a phone call from my brother, telling me that grandfather was dying. I rushed home to find him lying on the bed with blank, staring eyes. It was the first time I felt frightened of losing him.

My uncle asked me to draw blood and measure his blood sugar, but his hands were cold and rigid, and I knew that he had taken his last breath. Feeling sad, I left his room and heard others say that they would take him back to his hometown. But 20 minutes later, he seemed to get better, sat up on the couch, and chatted with us like before.

My grandmother later told me that he saw his dead mother standing at the door and felt better after she walked away. After this event, he lived a good life for over a year. But one day, my parents got a call informing us that grandfather had passed away peacefully.

We went back to our hometown for his funeral, and afterward, we returned to our home in the city. That night, I slept in the room that used to belong to my grandfather. In the middle of the night, I heard the rustle of walking that resembled my grandfather’s walking. I sat up and called his name, but I could not see anything.

Following customs, there could not be anyone in the house for the third seven days after his death. Before leaving, my grandmother and aunt set the offerings of food on the table and sprinkled incense ashes on the floor. The next day, my grandmother found cat’s footprints on the floor, and she said that my grandfather had become a cat to return home.

However, our home was on the sixth floor, so we wondered where the cat came from. These paranormal experiences made me question the limits of the physical world and consider the possibility of a spiritual realm. Though my grandfather has passed away, his presence still lingers in our memories and stories.

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