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Chilly shadow of human silhouette, weird shuffling noises, ghostly knocking

Chilly shadow of human silhouette, weird shuffling noises, ghostly knocking

Chilly shadow of human silhouette, weird shuffling noises, ghostly knocking

It was a dark and stormy night when my father and his roommates experienced the haunting sounds of shuffling on the floor above their dormitory room. They had all heard strange noises before, but this was different. It was as if someone or something was dragging metal objects across the floor, and it was getting closer and closer.

The sound continued for several minutes until suddenly it stopped. My father and his roommates exchanged nervous glances, wondering what could have caused such an eerie noise. They decided to investigate, slowly climbing the stairs to the roof. But when they got there, they found nothing out of the ordinary. There was no explanation for the strange sounds they had just heard.

The next night, they heard knocking on their door. Again, they were hesitant to investigate, but eventually, one of them mustered up the courage to open the door. To their surprise, there was no one there. They assumed it was just a prank and went back to bed.

But the knocking continued every night, at the same time, and always with no one there. It became so frequent that they decided to come up with a plan to catch the prankster. They prepared a bottle of water, ready to drench whoever was responsible.

One night, as they waited in anticipation, the knocking came again. One of the roommates flung open the door, and the other threw the water outside. But to their shock, there was no one there. They were completely alone.

As the days passed, my father and his roommates grew more and more paranoid. They couldn’t shake the feeling that someone, or something, was watching them. They kept the lights on all night, afraid to close their eyes.

One night, my father woke up to a figure standing at the end of his bed. It was a shadowy silhouette, just like the one I had seen in my grandmother’s house years later. He froze, unable to move or even scream. The shadow moved closer, and my father could feel a chill run down his spine.

Suddenly, the figure disappeared, leaving my father alone in the darkness. He jumped out of bed, searching for any explanation, but found nothing. It was as if the shadow had never been there at all.

After that night, my father and his roommates left the dormitory and never went back. They never found out what caused the strange sounds and knocking, or who or what was behind the shadowy figure that haunted them.

To this day, my father is convinced that there was something supernatural lurking in that dormitory, something that defies explanation. And while I may never know for sure what the shadowy figure was that I saw in my grandmother’s house all those years ago, I can’t help but wonder if it was the same thing that haunted my father and his roommates all those years ago.

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