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Crossing the netherworld is out-of-body experience

Crossing the netherworld is out-of-body experience

Crossing the netherworld is out-of-body experience

I have experienced out-of-body experiences several times, and I discovered that I had a unique ability to cross the netherworld. This ability allows me to enter another world through dreams and interact with ghosts or spirits to help them with their tasks or bring them back to the human world. My ability falls under the second type of out-of-body experiences.

My first experience happened in 2022, a few months back, in June or July. I was staying at home, exercising every day to lose weight. That day, after working out, I went to bed as usual. As I fell asleep, something strange happened. I felt my soul leaving my body, and I was transported to a place that resembled an elevator. I was not alone in this elevator, as there was a young man in his twenties standing beside me. This man had appeared in my past dreams before, and although I couldn’t see his face clearly, I felt that we were familiar with each other. I asked him where we were going, and he replied softly that we were going to the netherworld to pick someone up.

Soon, the elevator stopped, and we walked out of it. The sky was gloomy, with a pitch deep gray color, and behind us, there was complete darkness. I noticed a cave-like structure, and as we approached it, I saw objects of various shapes that seemed to have a life of their own. They were dancing with their hands grabbing forward, and while they looked terribly ugly, I did not feel afraid of them.

The young man who I met in the elevator spoke to me before disappearing. I couldn’t recall what he said, but I knew exactly what he had instructed me to do. I walked onto a gray road with low buildings on both sides. The road and the buildings were the same color, and there were no plants or people around.

I walked for a long time until I reached a crossroads and turned right. I knew where the store was even though I had never been there before. On the road and in the store, there were no passersby or plants. I knocked on the door, and a young man in a white shirt and jeans answered. Although I couldn’t see his face, I sensed that he was positive and welcoming. He greeted me warmly and asked if we could go. He wiped his hands with a towel before we left.

We went to an elevator-like structure, and with a blinding white light, we arrived at the door of a house surrounded by bushes and trees. I knew that I had returned to the human world when I saw the young man smile and wave goodbye. He disappeared into the white light. I felt delighted for him, even though I didn’t know where he was going.

I knew that my task was finished, and I looked up at the sky. In a flash, I was back in my room, and I saw myself lying on my side in bed. Then, I woke up.

The experience was surreal, and I knew that I had crossed over to the netherworld to help someone. If you would like to hear more about my out-of-body experiences, I would be happy to share.

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