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Encounter with a Malevolent Spirit My Haunting Experience in a lady’s room of a Run-Down Building

Encounter with a Malevolent Spirit My Haunting Experience in a lady’s room of a Run-Down Building

Encounter with a Malevolent Spirit My Haunting Experience in a lady’s room of a Run-Down Building

It was the height of summer in 2017, and my husband and I had just been married. We were settling into our new life in Huizhou, where he had been relocated for work. One weekend, he suggested that we take a car driver’s license to make our future outings more convenient.

We signed up for a seven-day driving license training class, which was held on the second floor of an old, run-down building. The building had two bathrooms, but the one on the second floor had always been closed for some reason. On the fifth day of the course, something strange happened.

As usual, my husband and I went to class, and during the session, I suddenly felt the need to use the bathroom. The nearest one was on the first floor, but I had heard that the one on the second floor had been opened that day, so I decided to use it instead. When I pushed open the door of the women’s bathroom, I was hit by an icy cold feeling that made me shiver. It was a stark contrast to the sweltering heat outside. However, I didn’t think much of it at the time, and went to the toilet to do my business

As I was doing my business, I suddenly felt very unsettled and sickened. A sense of dread lunged directly at me, causing my heart to pound fast. I hastily stood up and quickly ran out of the bathroom, feeling much better as soon as I left. At that point, I didn’t consider it as paranormal or ghostly, but what happened in the next few days made me question everything.

The next day, I woke up with a headache that I assumed was just the flu. But on the third day, the pain became unbearable. It felt like thousands of needles were stabbing me in the head. My husband took me to the hospital, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. The strangest thing was that all my symptoms disappeared that afternoon, as if nothing had happened.

But over the next three days, my headache became increasingly worse, and it felt like it was trying to murder me. In my most suffering time, I began to wonder if something evil had attached itself to me. When I mentioned this to my mother, she was extremely worried and convinced that something sinister was at play.

Desperate for answers, my mother went to a psychic in the next town. The psychic asked her some questions about me, including where I lived and where I had been for the past few days. She then explained that I had encountered a female ghost in the bathroom who had died in childbirth. The ghost had been trapped there for a long time and had accumulated a lot of resentment. When I had entered the bathroom, the ghost had punched me in the head, causing me great pain.

The psychic assured my mother that she could deal with it. She stood up and whispered something to the air above her head before burning some hell money for the dead. She declared that I had been cured and sent my mother home.

The next day, I woke up feeling relieved and hopeful. I watched the clock intently, waiting for my headache to come back at 10:30 am like it had been doing for the past few days. When the clock struck 10:30, the headache did not come back. I knew then that I had been cured, and I was overjoyed.

Looking back on the incident, I couldn’t help but shiver. It was a terrifying experience that I would never forget. The thought of encountering a vengeful ghost was unsettling, but it also made me appreciate the power of belief and spirituality. From that day on, I made sure to be more cautious about where I went, especially when it came to old and run-down buildings.

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