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Encounter with a Wicked Ghost on Chinese New Year

Encounter with a Wicked Ghost on Chinese New Year

Encounter with a Wicked Ghost on Chinese New Year.A high school student from China, who is in poor health, encounters paranormal entities multiple times. During a visit to their grandmother’s house, the student feels uncomfortable, falls asleep, and has a dream about a horrifying woman. The student wakes up with intense head pain and cannot speak. A shaman is called and determines that the student is being affected by a wicked ghost with the same name as a murdered neighbor’s daughter. The family burns Hell money for the ghost, and the student’s condition improves. The student later receives a talisman from their grandfather and never encounters anything supernatural again.

As a second-year high school student from the northeastern province of China, I was not in good health. Despite my struggles, I had encountered paranormal entities numerous times, as my family and others around me believed that these entities were drawn to my weakened state.

One year, during the Chinese New Year celebration, my family and I visited my grandmother’s house. On the first day of the New Year, I woke up to see snow falling outside. My father and grandfather were outside sweeping the snow off the yard of my grandparents’ traditional courtyard house. They asked me to make a snowman, and I eagerly accepted the challenge. Before I headed outside, I went to the washroom and felt something odd in my body. I ignored it and went out to make the snowman.

However, I still felt uncomfortable and didn’t tell my parents or grandparents about it. My grandmother then asked me to do my homework in a vacant house that had belonged to my great-grandmother since her passing. At first, I hesitated, but my grandma promised me that it was safe, so I went in and started working on my homework. During this time, I felt even more uncomfortable and eventually fell asleep.

In my dream, I saw a woman with long hair and wearing white clothing. We stood face to face, and she spoke to me. I responded, but I couldn’t see her features clearly. In the half-dream state, I sensed that my grandma covered me with a blanket. At this time, I wanted to tell her that I felt uncomfortable, but I fell asleep again and found myself back in the dream. The woman became more horrifying, staring at me, but I wasn’t afraid.

When I woke up, I felt very thirsty and went out of the room. As soon as I opened the door, I felt an intense pain in my head, and I stumbled back to bed. I started crying, but I didn’t know why. Our family members surrounded me and asked what happened, but I couldn’t respond to their questions. It felt like someone was telling me not to speak. A few minutes later, my grandma noticed something strange and went to the neighbor for help. The neighbor was a shaman who could determine my condition by touching my fingers.

When the shaman arrived, my mother pulled my left hand out of the covers, and the shaman touched the end of my middle finger. She then uttered a name that I didn’t recognize, but the people around me turned white as she spoke it. The name was similar to a female name, and the shaman advised my family to burn some Hell money for the ghost of the person with that name, as she was a wicked ghost. After my father burned the Hell money, I started feeling better, and my headache disappeared the next day.

Later on, I asked my grandmother about the name the shaman mentioned. She told me it was the name of a neighbor’s daughter who was murdered when she was very young. I didn’t feel scared but rather pitied the young woman upon hearing her story. My grandfather made me a talisman out of peach wood, and I never encountered anything supernatural again.

Looking back, I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if my grandmother hadn’t sought the shaman’s help. The memory of that day remains with me, and I’m reminded that we must always be careful of the unseen entities that lurk around us.

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