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Encountering Ghosts A True Story of Possession and Spiritual Healing

Encountering Ghosts A True Story of Possession and Spiritual Healing

Encountering Ghosts A True Story of Possession and Spiritual Healing

It was a hot summer day in 2018 when I decided to go to the store to buy some snacks. As it was getting dark, I asked my grandma to come with me. However, she insisted that I go alone and wait for me before our doors. I wasn’t afraid of walking at night, but the recent passing of an old man who used to live across from my house made me feel uneasy.

The store was not far from my home, but it required me to pass by the old man’s house. As I reached the house, I felt a weird sensation come over me. I couldn’t explain it, but it made me feel afraid suddenly. I quickly made my way to the store and back home without anything odd happening.

The next day, my mother took me to my father’s workplace. As we got on the bus, I felt a headache coming on. When we arrived, I developed a fever. My mother thought I had caught a cold and gave me some medicine, but nothing seemed to help. My head was heavy, and I slept in a half-dream state.

My parents grew worried about my condition and decided to seek the help of a psychic. When he arrived, he told my parents that I had encountered three ghosts, one of which was the old man who had recently passed away. The other two ghosts were a man and a woman. The psychic then instructed my father to buy some yellow papers and asked my mother about my birth time. He wrote down my birthday on the paper and instructed my mother to burn it at night.

Several days passed, but I didn’t get any better. A concerned neighbor suggested we visit a shaman who could communicate with spirits. When we arrived, the shaman pricked my fingers with a needle, and I fell into a half-asleep state. In my dream, I heard a man speaking to me in another language. I could seemingly understand his meanings, and he took me to a place where the sky was deep grey, and there were no flowers or trees.

As I woke up, the shaman told my parents that I had been possessed by a powerful spirit. He performed a ritual to expel the spirit from my body, and I finally woke up feeling much better. However, the shaman warned my parents that the spirit may still linger and advised us to take precautions.

The following night, my parents heard strange noises coming from my room. When they entered, they found me thrashing around and speaking in a strange language. They tried to wake me up, but I wouldn’t respond. It wasn’t until they burned some incense that the spirit finally left my body.

From that day on, we took precautions to prevent any spirits from entering our home. We burned incense regularly, hung protective amulets, and avoided going out at night. The experience left a lasting impression on me, and I learned to respect the power of the spirit world.

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