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Encounters with the Paranormal Two Stories from Xinjiang Province

Encounters with the Paranormal Two Stories from Xinjiang Province

Encounters with the Paranormal Two Stories from Xinjiang Province

The first one

I come from Xinjiang and have had two encounters with the paranormal. The first incident happened after my grandfather’s passing. My parents were busy with their jobs, so I lived with my grandparents from a young age. Their house was in the city, making it convenient for me to go to school. After my grandfather’s passing, my mom instructed me to take care of my grandma, who had trouble moving around.

One night, while watching TV, I fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I heard shuffling footsteps and woke up feeling frightened. I asked who was there, but the sound stopped suddenly. I then realized that I was unable to move, even though I was not in a dream. The footsteps returned, and I felt scared as they approached me. Suddenly, I felt someone touch my cheeks with its hands, as if someone was gently touching a child’s face. The footsteps then moved towards my grandma’s room, and the door creaked open.

I heard noises in my grandma’s room the next morning and told her what had happened. She started crying and told me that it might have been my grandpa who had come to check on us. She had dreamt of him, and he had told her that he was fine in the afterlife and that she didn’t need to worry about him.

This experience taught me that even after death, our loved ones can come back to check on us and offer us comfort. My grandpa had come to visit us, and although it was a scary experience, it also brought us peace and reassurance.

The second

Years later, I had another encounter with the paranormal. I was traveling with some friends in a remote area of Xinjiang when we stumbled upon an abandoned village. It was getting dark, and we decided to camp there for the night. As we were setting up our tents, we heard strange noises coming from the village. We brushed it off as the wind or some animals and settled in for the night.

However, as the night progressed, the noises became louder and more persistent. We heard footsteps, whispers, and even saw shadows moving in the darkness. We were all scared and huddled together in our tents, hoping that the noises would stop.

Eventually, we couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave the village. As we were packing up, we saw a figure standing at the edge of the village. It was an old woman, dressed in traditional Xinjiang clothing. She looked at us for a moment before disappearing into the darkness.

We were all shaken by the experience and left the village as quickly as we could. Later, we learned that the village had been abandoned for years and that many people had died there during a famine.

This experience taught me that the paranormal is not always comforting and that sometimes it can be terrifying. However, it also taught me to respect the spirits of the dead and to be cautious when exploring abandoned places.

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