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I used to be a pure Materialist but after several incidents happened I began to suspect about that.

As a young child, I had always heard stories from my mother about how much my grandmother loved me. But when grandmother died of cerebral congestion as I was at the age of 8, I never saw her again, not even in my dreams.

It wasn’t until over 30 years later, in 2002, that I had a dream about grandma. But it wasn’t a pleasant dream; grandmother appeared tired and lost, wandering aimlessly without a home. She told me that she was staying in a run-down temple, and this made me feel sad upon waking up.

Unsure whether the dream was a coincidence or not, I consulted a monk we met on the street. The monk revealed that the feng shui of my grandma’s grave was incorrect, and I decided to investigate further about what the monk had spoken

Despite being a self-proclaimed materialist, I felt compelled to investigate. my hometown was in Hebei province, but I was working in Shenzhen. So I called my younger brother, who went to check on our grandmother’s grave in our hometown, which was now surrounded by new buildings. Grandma’s grave appeared as a small mound covered in rubbish, so our family decided to move the grave to our fields during the Ghost Festival.

A few days later, I heard about a woman in Chaozhou who could communicate with spirits, so I sought her help. The psychic asked for details about the grandmother’s grave and the date of her passing before closing her eyes. I couldn’t believe my ears when the psychic claimed to be my grandmother, and the smile on her face was just as kind and beloved as I remembered. The psychic assured me that she was doing well in the afterlife and instructed me to live well with my family.

Overwhelmed with emotion, I was unable to comprehend the experience. But it was just the beginning of strange occurrences that seemed to defy explanation.

In July of 2003, while on a work trip to Hong Kong, I had a strange dream. I was lying in my hometown’s yard, curled up on the ground in the winter, with my body freezing. Suddenly, my grandmother appeared and covered me with a warm blanket. when I woke up the next morning sweating, despite the air cooler in my hotel room being set to -17 degrees. I couldn’t make sense of it.

But from that day on, I felt grandmother’s presence around me. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew it was real. I learned to respect the unknown and everything I didn’t understand.

My experience taught me that there is more to life than what can be explained by science or logic. grandma’s love continued even beyond the grave, and I realized that there is a spiritual realm that we cannot see or comprehend.

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