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Haunted basement parking of a hotel in Litang county

Haunted basement parking of a hotel in Litang county

Haunted basement parking of a hotel in Litang county

It was supposed to be a fun summer trip to Ganzi Zhou, but the six friends and I had no idea what was in store for us. As we drove towards Litang county, we struggled to find a hotel with parking space. After hours of searching, we finally stumbled upon a hotel that had basement parking.

As my best friend and I drove into the dimly-lit basement parking, we were greeted with an eerie silence. Only two lights were on, casting long shadows across the walls. It was then that two of us saw something that would haunt us for the rest of the trip.

While I was parking my car, through the reflector, I saw a shadowy figure standing near my car, with long, wavy hair covering its face. It was naked and its entire body was a sickly gray-white color. The figure seemed to sense that it was being watched by me and turned its head to face me. But I couldn’t make out its features, as its hair still obscured its face.

My best friend had seen the same thing. He had also parked his car and saw the figure facing the wall. At first, he had thought it was just his imagination, but as the elevator doors closed behind us, we heard a loud noise that made us realize it was not.

The two of us quickly got into the elevator, but just as the doors were closing, we heard a loud thud that seemed to come from the outside. we were scared out of our wits, but managed to make it to the lobby of the hotel. Once there, we recounted what we had seen to the others.

We were terrified, but we tried to convince ourselves that it was just our imaginations. However, for the next two days, we avoided the basement parking at all costs. we would park our cars on the street outside the hotel, even though it was inconvenient.

On the third day, as we were packing our things to leave Litang county, we overheard some locals talking about a woman who had died in the basement of the hotel.    According to the locals, the woman had committed suicide after a failed love affair.

My best friend and I were shocked to hear this. Could the shadowy figure we had seen be the ghost of the woman who had died in the basement of the hotel? we couldn’t be sure, but we were glad to be leaving Litang county.

As we drove away from the hotel, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. we had survived our encounter with the unknown, but we knew that we would never forget the terrifying experience we had had in the basement parking of that hotel.

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