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Haunted by a Black Shadow A Spooky Encounter in Southern Sichuan Province

Haunted by a Black Shadow A Spooky Encounter in Southern Sichuan Province

Haunted by a Black Shadow A Spooky Encounter in Southern Sichuan Province

It was the summer of my sixth-grade year when I had an experience that I could never forget. I grew up in a small town in southern Sichuan Province, living with my grandparents because my parents were always busy with their teaching jobs. My grandparents’ house was spacious, with a large yard that was guarded by a German Shepherd named Hei. However, some people said that the Feng Shui of the house was not very good.

One sultry summer night, after dinner, my grandpa took Hei and me to our cornfield. It was around nine o’clock in the evening when we made our way back home through the alleyway and the cornfield. As we arrived at the gate of our house, we discovered that there were so many black cats sitting in front of the door or standing on the wall. The cats started barking as soon as they saw us, but the sound was so hoarse and frightening. Hei began barking as soon as he saw them and lunged at them, wanting to catch them.

Then those cats jumped into our yard and barked with their hoarse throats. When grandpa opened the gate, we discovered that there was no light on in the house or yard, which was really strange. Usually, my grandma would sit in the yard and do some housework. Grandpa called out to her name, but there was no response. I stood in the yard with Hei, waiting for my grandpa to switch on the light. Suddenly, some barking of cats attracted me, and I turned around to look at the direction of the sounds. Through the dim moonlight, some of the cats gathered before the door of my grandparents’ house.

The cats’ eyes glowed green light, which frightened me a little bit. Hei seemed to feel my dread, then he moved in front of me, seemingly to protect me. Then he started growling, as if he saw something dangerous before us. Suddenly, I heard some noise coming from the main house’s roof and looked up to see something that I could never forget in my whole life. There was a black shadow that looked like a mixture of a cat and a person walking quickly on the roof. It seemed to have seen me, but I could not see it clearly even if there was moonlight.

I felt paralyzed, could not move, just looking at it to move on the edge of the roof. Meanwhile, Hei started barking madly at it, seeming wanting to jump onto the roof and tear it to pieces. That black shadow seemingly felt dangerous, then soon jumped onto another house’s roof. Grandpa switched on the lights in the yard just then, but I could still not distinctly see what it exactly was. And then it jumped down into the yard, grandpa saw it too. He asked who it was and what it wanted, but that thing did not respond, just bent over on the ground.

Suddenly, Hei charged at it and barked at it, then the black shadow soon jumped onto the wall and turned its head smiling at us. That smile was so creepy and twisted, and I also saw its pair of white eyes. Then it jumped out of our yard. When grandpa opened the gate, wanting to run after it, it had vanished already. Those black cats also jumped out of the wall as the shadow left. When we opened the door of the room, we found Grandma lying on bed unconscious and with a high fever.

That night, Hei was quite agitated, pacing about in the yard. Grandpa also sat in front of the door of our house, guarding with a shotgun till dawn. The next morning when I got up, I found Hei lying in the yard, passing away. The whole family members felt this incident was quite weird, so they found the help of several psychics, but they did not give any answers.

One day, my aunt came to visit us, and she suggested that we should seek for a help to a shaman and perform a ritual, we agreed. Several days later, my aunt brought in a shaman to help us. We gathered around the living room, and the shaman began to chant and burn incense. As he did so, we felt a sense of calm come over us, and the heavy feeling in the air began to dissipate.

After the ritual was over, we all felt much better. The strange occurrences in the house stopped, and we were able to live there peacefully once again. We never saw the black shadow again, but we knew that it had been a manifestation of the negative energy that had been present in the house.

Years have passed since that night, and I have grown up and moved away from my grandparents’ house. However, I will never forget that experience, and I will always be grateful for the shaman who helped us to cleanse the house and rid it of any negative energy.

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