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Haunted by Ghosts, to Unravel the Paranormal Mystery Behind a Little Cousin's Behavior

Haunted by Ghosts, to Unravel the Paranormal Mystery Behind a Little Cousin’s Behavior

Haunted by Ghosts A Family's Journey to Unravel the Paranormal Mystery Behind a Little Cousin's Behavior

This story is about my little cousin sister who always behaved strangely and we couldn’t explain why. At first, everyone in the family assumed that she was just spoiled by my aunt and uncle. However, she frequently got sick, and her family took her to many hospitals, but no answers were found. She would also have serious arguments with her parents, to the point where she even attempted suicide. She recounted that she could not control herself.

When I heard her story, I was on a work trip in another city and wondered if her behavior was paranormal. I phoned her mother (my aunt) and suggested seeking the help of a psychic, but my aunt and uncle, who were both teachers, did not believe in the supernatural, so they did not take my little cousin to see a psychic. Her illness persisted for more than two years until my grandaunt, who was a fortune teller, came over to my grandmother’s birthday party and noticed something wrong with my little cousin. She said that my aunt’s dormitory building held a lot of negative energy, and there was a ghost that had hanged itself in a previous life and had been harming people. The worst room was directly downstairs from my aunt’s room, where a physical education teacher used to live. The teacher reported seeing a man sitting on a chair in his dorm in the middle of the night but did not see his features clearly. He sometimes heard crying in that room. Another teacher took his dog to the physical education teacher’s room, but the dog refused to go in and barked towards the inside of the room. The physical education teacher left the room out of fear, and it had been vacant ever since. When I was at that school, I felt a chilly gust whenever I entered that building, but I thought nothing of it at the time. Subsequently, I heard that some of the teachers who lived in that building experienced sleep paralysis.

My little cousin was at that school, and the negative energy had tormented her so much that she had to suspend school for a year. She told me that she saw someone jump down from the roof of that building. When she argued with her parents, she could not control herself, and one time, she even tried to jump down from a hospital to kill herself. At first, everyone thought that she was just spoiled by my aunt and uncle, until my grandaunt revealed the real reason behind my little cousin’s behavior.

During a dream, my grandaunt saw an ancestor of my little cousin’s who asked her to heal my little cousin. That same night, my grandaunt performed a ritual for my little cousin and discovered that more than one ghost was attached to her. One of them was a Leopard spirit, which knew that there were many psychics in our family, and it wanted our family to help it become a human being. Therefore, the leopard spirit purposely attached itself to my little cousin.

Because aforementioned above, my little cousin became a psychic too, now she could heal herself.

Last time I made a video call to her, discovered that she was very well. hoping everything goes well for her in the future

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