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Haunted by Neglect The Tragic Revenge of a Dark Cloud

Haunted by Neglect The Tragic Revenge of a Dark Cloud

Haunted by Neglect The Tragic Revenge of a Dark Cloud. After breaking up with his girlfriend, the narrator’s cousin becomes grumpy and depressed. One day, he disappears and is later found dead after jumping off a bridge. A psychic tells the family that it was the result of an evil entity seeking revenge for neglecting a warning. The psychic also reveals that the cousin’s father had taken a gravestone to use as a floor tile, which angered the spirit. The family discovers the gravestone and realizes the consequences of their materialistic actions. The tragedy leaves the family with a profound sense of loss and guilt.

It was a tragic incident that changed everything for my aunt’s family. Her son, my cousin, had broken up with his girlfriend, and since then, his temper became very grumpy. My aunt thought he was suffering from depression and decided to let him rest at home for a while.

One day, my cousin went to school, and upon his return, he told my aunt that there was always a dark cloud in front of his eyes, which made him feel uneasy. He decided to take some time off and rest at home. However, during this time, a terrible tragedy occurred.

My aunt asked my cousin to go out and buy some necessities. He left but didn’t return home until nine o’clock in the evening. My aunt felt increasingly nervous, and so she and my uncle went out to look for him. They searched everywhere, but there was no sign of him until they arrived at Rongjiang Bridge.

There, a group of people was standing and looking down from the bridge, as if in search of something. The police were also present, which made my aunt even more nervous. They asked someone in the crowd, and they were told that someone had jumped off the bridge, and the jumper’s appearance was described. It matched my cousin’s description.

My aunt and uncle rushed down the bridge to see what had happened. They found that the jumper had the same clothes as my cousin. Seeing this, my aunt broke down, crying hysterically, and shouting for her son. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone present.

There was almost no water under the bridge because of the drought, and my cousin hit his head on a rock, which smashed the back of his head to pieces, with blood splashing all over the ground. The family held a funeral for him, but my aunt couldn’t believe that her son had taken his own life.

One day, my aunt met a psychic who listened to my cousin’s story and sighed. The psychic said that it was his father who killed him. My aunt was confused and asked why his father would kill him. The psychic questioned if her son had told her that there was always a dark cloud over his head, to which my aunt responded yes. The psychic said that it was an evil thing that had given them a warning, but they neglected it, so the thing took revenge on her son.

My aunt was still confused and asked why the psychic had said that it was his father who killed him. The psychic explained that when they were building a house in their hometown, her husband had taken someone’s gravestone to make a floor tile. My aunt was shocked upon hearing this and immediately went back to her hometown to verify if it was true.

As they reached the house, they started looking for the floor tile. Sure enough, they discovered a smooth stone, and upon turning it over, it revealed that it was a gravestone. My aunt was devastated to learn that her husband had done such a thing, and it was possible that this act had angered the spirit, leading to the tragedy that befell her son.

This incident made my aunt realize that pure materialism could be wrong. There are things on earth that science cannot explain. The tragic story of my cousin’s suicide and the discovery of the gravestone turned the family’s life upside down, leaving them with a profound sense of loss and guilt.

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