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In Anhui Province, I lived with my grandmother. my father had been sent to prison when I was very young and had been there ever since. my village was surrounded by graves on both sides of a nearby river, and the doors of my grandmother’s house faced east, towards the river.

One dark morning, I couldn’t sleep because I was eagerly awaiting my mother’s arrival from Suzhou. I was so excited that I ran out of the village to greet her. It was still very early in the morning, before the sun had risen, and the sky was gloomy. I was frightened of the darkness and ran quickly towards the road. However, on the way, I stumbled and fell by a grave. I didn’t notice the wound on my legs and continued running until I finally saw my mother and aunt, who had come to pick me up on a motorcycle.

As we rode back towards the village, I dropped my water bottle near the same grave where I had fallen earlier. When I went to retrieve it, I stumbled and fell again. Later that night, I developed a high fever, which persisted for three days. my grandmother and mother became concerned and sought the help of a psychic in a neighboring village.

The psychic asked me if I had fallen by a grave, and when I said yes, she placed her hands on my head. Then I immediately felt a warm current flow into my head and felt better. I was fine for the next few days, but then strange things began to happen.

One day, I was passing through the living room when I stumbled again and began to cry out in pain. my mother noticed that I was developing a headache every night around the same time. Worried, she sought the help of another psychic, who asked if I had an older friend who worked in a mine and had died. my mom remembered the grave where I had fallen and confirmed that the grave belonged to my older friend.

The psychic revealed that the ghost of my friend had followed me home and had been staying with us for a month. The ghost only wanted to take a look at our home. The psychic instructed my mom to trick the ghost into leaving by having the boy stand outside the door and pretending to enter only after my mother called out to me.

Following the psychic’s advice, mom asked me to stand outside the door and then called out to me, pretending that I had already entered. As I entered the house, my headache disappeared.

From that day on, I no longer saw strange figures in the corner of his eye or felt any more headaches. I was grateful to the psychics who had helped me and had learned to be more cautious around the graves in my village.

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