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Haunted Hill The Mysterious Tales of Dong County's Cedar Forest and Banyan Tree

Haunted Hill The Mysterious Tales of Dong County’s Cedar Forest and Banyan Tree

Haunted Hill The Mysterious Tales of Dong County's Cedar Forest and Banyan Tree

Friends this story I am going to tell you was related to a very scary experience my older brother had around June and July in the year of 2002. I’m from a small Dong county in Yunnan Province, my name is Yao that was given by my older sister.

There was a road that led from the entrance of our village to a hill located behind it. The road became a muddy path from the foot of the hill, and on top of it, there were plenty of unmarked graves. It was generally believed that it was not safe to go alone, especially at night.

In the summer of 2002, the heat was unbearable, and four friends, including my older brother, decided to venture to the back of the hill to steal some jujubes that were planted by another family. It took them about ten minutes to walk to the stone arch bridge that led the way to a large cedar forest. They needed to cross the forest to reach the jujube woods behind it.

As they entered the cedar forest, they felt gloomy and chilled, but they could talk to each other, so they didn’t feel too afraid. A few moments after they began picking jujubes, they heard an elderly man’s voice saying, “Are you coming to pick up jujubes?” They looked in every direction but couldn’t find anyone. Shortly after, they heard the voice again, “Are you coming to pick up jujubes?” The four of them started to get on edge, but they shouted abuse and continued picking up fruits.

Sometime later, the voice appeared again, “Are you coming to pick up jujubes?” Then, as soon as the four of them jumped down from the tree and started to run towards the stone arch bridge, they heard a loud voice saying, “Come back, come back.” When my older brother turned to take a look, he witnessed a man who was more than 200 cm tall, levitating in the air without feet, with an axe in his hand, and shouting at them. The man was dressed in white, but he couldn’t see his face clearly. The man followed them closely, and they couldn’t see him after running out of the cedar forest. From that day on, the four friends never went back there again.

The following story was encountered by an old man who was my neighbor.

An old man who loved playing mahjong encountered something strange on his way home. He played mahjong with other people until four or five in the morning. It was raining outside, and he walked alone on the way home. As he passed by a large banyan tree that had two graves around it, he met a very tall man in a coat with a hat. Because they were from the same village, people would usually greet each other when they met. So, the old man greeted the tall man and asked where he was going since it was raining. However, the man did not reply back to him.

As the old man passed by the tall man, he felt a little weird and decided to see his face, which was shadowed by his hat. But he sensed that there was no face under the hat. The old man became afraid, thinking that the man might be a thief, so he tracked him. When the tall man reached the foot of the hill, the old man wiped his eyes for a second, and the man disappeared without a trace.

After hearing these two stories, people in the village started to believe that the cedar forest and the banyan tree were haunted. They avoided going near those places, especially at night. Some claimed that they had seen the same tall man in a coat with a hat, while others claimed that they had seen the levitating man in white with an axe. These incidents became a hot topic of discussion in the village, and people started to believe that they were cursed by evil spirits.

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