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Haunted in the Gobi Desert and The Reservoir’s Dark Secret

Haunted in the Gobi Desert and The Reservoir’s Dark Secret

Haunted in the Gobi Desert and The Reservoir’s Dark Secret

The first one

My mother was born in a small town in Gansu, but due to the harsh living conditions, my grandmother decided to move to Xinjiang, where most of the land was covered in the Gobi Desert. At that time, many young people were sent to the Gobi Desert to support the country’s construction needs.

Eventually, my mother was also sent to work in the Gobi Desert, where she became a cook in a mess hall. She lived in a place known as Diwazi, which was an underground house. The house was made by digging a pit on the ground, spreading branches and withered grass on it, and then people would sleep underground. It was a simple underground dwelling, but it was home for my mother and two other coworkers.

The Gobi Desert was not only a place for construction workers but also a place where former criminals were sent to serve their sentences. Many executed prisoners were also brought to the Gobi Desert for execution. Therefore, paranormal activities were not uncommon in the area.

One night, something terrifying happened to my mother. She was awakened by the sound of beating gongs and drums in the middle of the night. The sound was coming from far away, slowly getting closer until it reached her house, and then it vanished. The Gobi Desert was vast, so it was impossible that there were people making sounds from gongs and drums in the middle of the night, even in the daytime.

At first, my mother was sleeping with her face towards the wall. However, she flipped over in her half-asleep state and slightly opened her eyes, wanting to know what was happening. She saw a bald man smiling eerily at her. She could clearly see the man’s face, which terrified her so much that she began screaming uncontrollably and put the covers over her head.

Her roommates quickly got up and turned on the light. One of them held a broom in her hand, swinging it in the air and shouting abuse. It was believed that ghosts were afraid of tough people, so many Chinese people would shout abuse to cast them out.

After the incident, my mother and her roommates were too scared to stay in the underground house. They requested to be transferred to another location, which was granted by the government. However, they were not the only ones to experience paranormal activities in the   Gobi Desert. Many other people had reported similar experiences, and it was believed that the spirits of the executed prisoners were haunting the area.

The Gobi Desert was not only a place of harsh living conditions but also a place where the paranormal was not uncommon.

The second

In the summer of my third year of high school, my mom was transferred to work in the second largest reservoir in Xinjiang. Her job was to patrol the dam line and prevent outsiders from entering the reservoir to avoid accidents. One morning, as she started her routine work, her coworker joined her. She took out a mop and went to wash it at the reservoir bank. Despite my mother’s attempts to prevent her, the coworker insisted on washing the mop there. The prolonged erosion by water flow made the stone slabs underground in the reservoir exceptionally smooth. As soon as the coworker stepped on a stone slab, she slipped into the water. The undercurrent was fast and strong, and my mother was transfixed with dread. She quickly found a stick and tried to save her coworker, but she failed. The coworker struggled in the water and eventually sank. My mother made a phone call for help with trembling hands and hoarsely called for help. Several male coworkers came over and jumped into the water to rescue her coworker, but it was too late. They pulled her coworker’s body out of the reservoir.

At first glance, it might seem like an ordinary drowning incident, but the truth is far more sinister. According to my mother’s account, about a week before the drowning, she woke up in the middle of the night to find a pretty woman in green silently standing at the foot of her bed, staring at her. The woman disappeared as soon as my mother blinked, but she dismissed it as something weird that sometimes happened in the area. She went to the peach woods and picked some peach branches that she hung on her wall, as Chinese people believe that peach branches can suppress evil.

It wasn’t until her coworker drowned that my mother realized something was wrong. Her coworker was wearing a green shirt on the day of the accident, the same color as the woman who had visited my mother in the middle of the night. My mother felt a chill down her spine as she realized that the woman in green might have been a warning of what was to come.

As my mother continued to work at the reservoir, she noticed other strange occurrences. People claimed to have seen a woman in green walking around the area, and some even said that they had heard her voice calling out for help. Others reported feeling a strange presence around the reservoir, as if they were being watched.

My mother never forgot what happened that summer. She believed that the woman in green was a ghost warning of the danger that lay ahead. The reservoir’s dark secret continued to haunt her, and she never forgot the tragedy that took her coworker’s life.

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