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Restless Spirits The Haunting of the New House on Sacred Ground

Restless Spirits The Haunting of the New House on Sacred Ground

Restless Spirits The Haunting of the New House on Sacred Ground

It was a hot and humid summer evening in 2015 in the remote rural area of Northern Jiangsu. I was in my first year of middle school and had to take a shower in my family’s newly built house since the old one had no shower system. The new house was situated opposite my uncle’s house, and on that particular evening, I set out to take a shower as usual.

As I closed the door of the new house behind me, I noticed how pitch-black it was both inside and outside. The only source of light was the flashlight I had brought with me. I headed to the bathroom, hoping to take a quick shower and return to the old house. However, as I was showering, a loud banging sound at the gate outside startled me. It was like someone was trying to break it down with their body. I froze, listening intently as the noise stopped abruptly, and the sound of the faucet in the yard being turned on and the floor being knocked followed. It sounded as if someone was walking around in the yard.

I hurriedly finished my shower, got dressed, and shone the flashlight around the yard, but I saw no one. When I looked at the gate, I realized that the key was still in it, which was strange. The banging should have knocked the key off the door. My heart racing, I left the new house and returned to the old one, feeling frightened and confused.

A week later, I asked my older brother to come with me to the new house for a shower. While I was in the shower, the banging sound at the gate started again at around 9 pm. My brother called out to me in fear, and I quickly dressed and joined him outside. We rushed out of the house as soon as the noise stopped.

When I told my father about the strange incidents at the new house, he advised me to stay away from it, but he didn’t say why. Over time, the strange occurrences became more frequent, with footsteps in the yard and strange noises at night. One night, my mother woke up to find a woman with long hair standing at the foot of her bed, staring at her. She screamed, and the woman disappeared.

Terrified and desperate for answers, we discovered that the land on which the new house was built was once a burial ground for a group of ancient warriors. We had unknowingly disturbed their resting place and angered their spirits. The banging at the gate was their warning, and we had ignored it.

My parents finally decided to move out of the new house, but the memory of our encounter with the angry spirits stayed with us forever. We warned others never to build houses on sacred ground or disturb the spirits of the dead, for they would surely face their wrath. The experience taught us to respect the dead and the places where they rest, lest we disturb them and incur their anger.

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