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I am from Sichuan Province, where there are countless supernatural events that I have heard from my childhood.

This incident occurred in 1996 as I was nine years old. grandma took me to her mother’s house for the summer vacation, that night I slept with my cousin, who is ten years older than me, had really bad temper and had dropped out before he graduated from high school.

 I did not know the exact time back then, in my half asleep state I saw my cousin carrying a basket on his back and preparing to go out. so I asked him where he was going to in the deep night. he did not turn and said that he needed to go out for searching for something and demanded me to sleep first. then I told him I wanted to go out with him, he impatiently replied that let me stay in the room to sleep. as aforementioned, he had a bad temper, so I dared not continue to ask and somehow I fell asleep.

It was like six or seven am,I sensed that cousin returned, then he got on bed and fell asleep. sometime later, aunt called us to get up for breakfast, then I sat up and saw he being in his deep sleep, and noticed his shoes covering with muds. after finishing my breakfast, my aunt asked me where my cousin was, I secretly told her that he went out last night and back in early morning. she did not say anything and just left my cousin to sleep continually. until about five’o clock in the evening, aunt went to our room to wake up cousin then discovered that he seemed to have a fever. I saw his face was red, and uncle put his hand on his forehead, said in surprise ‘it was too hot.’ then we (aunt, uncle, me and grandma) carried him to hospital, a doctor checked on him, shortly after, the doctor informed to us that my cousin could not be survived.

After knowing this, we all fell in the silence, uncle squatted down next to the door of ICU in sadness, and aunt began crying desperately. at this time my father also rushed to the hospital, and asked me the situation about my cousin, then he approached to uncle and squatted next to him and said that I knew an elderly man who had a ability to drive away the evil, maybe we could give a try. as soon as uncle heard it and looked up to stare at my father for a moment and then said ‘yes, yes.’

Then we took my cousin going back to his home, about 11 pm, my father brought that old man to my cousin’s house. the elderly man looked like in his 60s with reddish glow in his face, around 170 cm tall in a white gown. as soon as seeing him, my aunt and uncle greeted together and chatted with him. he said in smile that ‘it is nothing. let me first check out the boy.’  

When the elderly man saw my cousin then spoke in a curse tune that the ghost was too fierce and wicked, then he walked towards a basket, that was put in a corner of the room, and pointed at it saying that the boy was really ridiculous, and dared to dig up a grave, that ghost followed him returning back already. he continued that if tonight I could not deal with it, probably tomorrow would be the boy’s funeral.

When uncle heard to what the elderly man had spoken, then he knelt for him, and begged that let the old man save his son. the old man then picked up him and said that he would do his best. So he took out his Taoist robe from his bag, and wore it. uncle, my father and grandma helped to set up the altar, then he demanded that children, women left the room to wait outside.

The rest of this story I was told by my father.

My father said that when the elderly man began to cast out the evil, all of the sudden in the room there was formed a wind, then he recited a mantra and painted a spell, and stuck it on cousin’s forehead. then he repeated the mantra several times, the wind stopped. and then he put the spell into a bowl handing it to my father, and instructed that let father take this bowl out of house and find a crossroads and lit the spell in the bowl, then put the bowl upside down on the ground, and left. he added that whatever he heard behind his back, did not turn. if he turned, the boy would die.

Then my father did what he had been told, at first, everything was in order, but when he was about to return, he heard indistinctly being called his name. the voice felt coming from far away but could be heard clearly. father admitted that he was a bit on edge just then, and went back hurriedly. as everything was finished, the elderly man and we sat down and chit chatted.

The next morning, when my aunt went to check on my cousin whose fever had vanished. a few days later, according to my cousin that he discovered there was an ancient grave in the mountain that day, therefore he decided that he went back at night to dig it up, and that wanted to see whether he could find some treasures. when he reached that grave at night, and started to dig it. as the grave was dug a hole then he reached out his hand into it, and touched something feeling like a ring, and then he took it out from the grave, seeing that it was a jade ring. he was very happy as he found it, then he felt his head kind of like being smacked by something, and then blacked out. when he woke up he discovered that he had been in hospital.

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