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Rocking Chair Ghost A Haunting Experience in My Own Home

Rocking Chair Ghost A Haunting Experience in My Own Home

Rocking Chair Ghost A Haunting Experience in My Own Home

It was a hot and humid summer night, with crickets chirping outside, when I, middle school student, returned home from my grandaunt’s house. I was excited to receive my school admission notice, but as soon as I entered the house, then heard some unsettling news. my grandpa had been stung by bees and was rushed to the hospital.

Thankfully, after a few days, his condition improved, but strange things started to happen in the house. One evening, as I was playing games on my cellphone, I overheard grandmother and aunt discussing something that happened while I was away.

They talked about how, on the night before I and my grandmother came back, grandpa saw something in his room. It was the outline of a person sitting on the rocking chair beside my bed. Thinking it was my grandma, he called out, but when he got no response, he realized that she and I were not at home.

The only source of light in the room was the TV, which turned on by itself. Grandpa couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, but he knew that something was off. He got up to turn off the TV, and when he did, the person disappeared.

That night, he had trouble sleeping, and when he went outside for a smoke, our dog started barking. grandpa turned on all the lights, thinking there might be a thief in the yard. But when he returned to the room, the TV was on again. He unplugged it, feeling angry and frustrated. 

our family was spooked by these events, and grandmother decided to seek help from a fortune teller and a psychic. The fortune teller warned her that it was a foreboding year for Grandpa and that he should avoid going too far. The psychic, an old woman with a dark blue bag, performed some sort of ritual in the room while I was asked to leave.

Aunt speculated that it might have been the spirit of my great-grandfather, who had passed away and lived in the room across from ours. To appease him, grandma went to his grave and left food and meat offerings, asking him not to frighten anyone.

But the scariest moment was yet to come. Two months later, I woke up in the middle of the night to find someone on the rocking chair beside my bed. It was a person, not my imagination, rocking back and forth. I felt like time was standing still as the figure sat there for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, it disappeared, but I found myself unable to move.

I was experiencing sleep paralysis, or what the Chinese call ghost pressing bed. I tried to scream for grandma, but my voice was stuck in my throat. Fortunately, grandmother woke up and rushed to my side, freeing me from the paralysis.

The next morning, grandmother and I discussed the incident. she shared that she had felt someone calling her in her sleep and recognized my voice. She saw me clenching my fists and punching in the air, and quickly went to my side to help me.

From that night on, our family never experienced any more strange occurrences, but I always wondered if the spirit of the great-grandfather had truly visited us that night. I never forgot this spooky encounter, and it reinforced my belief in the paranormal.

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