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Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Encounters My Journey to Understanding the Supernatural

Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Encounters My Journey to Understanding the Supernatural

Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Encounters My Journey to Understanding the Supernatural

I have always had a constitution that is prone to sleep paralysis, which the Chinese call “ghost pressing bed.” It happened quite often during my middle school years when I studied at a school located between a city and a village. The school was situated beside a university, and no matter what time it was, sleep paralysis would always occur. Sometimes it happened in the middle of the day, and sometimes it happened at night. During sleep paralysis, I often felt my scalp tingling, as if I had been electrocuted. The most memorable experience happened in my dorm room during the day when I was sleeping and got sleep paralysis.

The dormitory I lived in had upper and lower bunks. I slept in a lower one, and a classmate slept in the one above me. One day, while I was experiencing sleep paralysis, my classmate poked his head out to talk to me. I saw that his head was floating in the air, which scared me badly.

After that, my parents rented an apartment for me to study, and I experienced sleep paralysis very frequently there. The apartment was located in the staff building of the school, and many students rented apartments in that building. There were many homeless dogs around the building, especially at night, and they would bark loudly. Some old people said that dogs could see something supernatural that humans could not.

At that time, my friends and I would go out of school to the internet bar almost every night. One of my best friends, whose family was in business, received a talisman from a temple. He put the talisman into his wallet, but one day, his wallet was stolen. That same night, we went to the internet bar, and as we walked across the university, the stray dogs followed him and barked at him. When we reached the internet bar, he told me that his eyes were a bit blurry, and he felt tired all over his body.

The next day, he felt very weak and asked for a break from the teacher. After about 15 days, he returned, and his mental state had returned to its former state. He told us that his soul had been stolen by an evil ghost, and during those days of his break, he almost lay down on his bed every day and could not see anything distinctly. Then his parents felt that something was wrong and sought help from a psychic. The spiritual medium held an exorcism ceremony for him, which took place during the time we spent together on the way from school to the internet cafe that day. After hearing what he had told me, I became even more convinced that ghosts exist in this world.

When I went to college, which was also situated between cities and villages, I sometimes experienced sleep paralysis in my dormitory. The most eerie thing happened during winter vacation when I had to attend a training session and stay at school for a few more days. Almost all of the students had left school except for me. At first, my roommates stayed with me for several days, and during those nights, my sleep was in order. Then they left for home, and it was on the second night after they left that I experienced sleep paralysis. I could feel that there were others walking in my dorm room other than me. Some lay down on other beds, and some talked to me. At first, I did not pay much attention because I had experienced sleep paralysis quite often before. However, during those nights, I had slept alone in the dormitory and often experienced sleep paralysis.

On the day before the training exam, I was taking a break in the midday and fell asleep, only to experience sleep paralysis again. This time, I heard a ghost communicating with me, asking me to go out with it for some fun. I sensed that I could move in my dormitory, and the way it moved was like swimming in water. At that time, my consciousness was quite clear.

The experience of sleep paralysis and ghosts haunted me made me realize that there are things in this world that we cannot explain or understand. It made me curious about the supernatural and the existence of ghosts. I started to research and read more about ghost stories and paranormal experiences, hoping to gain a better understanding of what I had experienced.

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