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The Cicada Larva Hunt in the Poplar Wood and The Blessing of Lord Guan

The Cicada Larva Hunt in the Poplar Wood and The Blessing of Lord Guan

The Cicada Larva Hunt in the Poplar Wood and The Blessing of Lord Guan

It was the summer of my 11th year in my hometown of Luyi County in Zhoukou City, Henan Province. The plain area was dotted with poplar trees, and every summer, Cicadate larvae would infest the woods. These larvae were expensive ingredients for food, and as children, we would compete to see who could catch the most.

One evening, my oldest sister, my little brother, and I set out to catch Cicadate larvae as we had done many times before. However, this time, something strange happened. As I shone my flashlight on a tree, I found three or five Cicadate larvae, which was an unusual sight. As I picked them up and turned around, I saw a tree beside a grave that also had three or four Cicadate larvae. This confused me because I had just shone my flashlight on that tree and found nothing.

Suddenly, I felt a sensation as though someone was staring at me from behind. It was not fear that I felt, but a chill running down my spine. I knew I had to leave the area. As I walked quickly towards the road, a heavy mist began to envelop me, making it difficult to see. I could only see two graves in the distance. I felt like I had been walking for a long time when I heard someone calling my name. It was my oldest sister, who asked why I had not responded when she called me several times. I felt dizzy and confused, and I could not remember where my Cicadate larvae and flashlight were.

My sister picked up my bottle and flashlight, and we made our way back home. She told my parents what had happened, and they forbade me from going out at night alone. A few days later, my father asked me what the apparition looked like, but I could not describe it. It felt like I was half-asleep and being watched by someone standing behind me.

The incident left me feeling uneasy, and I could not shake off the feeling that something was not right. My sister, who believed in ghosts, suspected that I had encountered one in the woods.

The next encounter was about the gods.   

Seven years ago, a baby girl was born into my family during the festive season of Chinese New Year. We were all thrilled to have a new addition to our family. However, something strange happened during her breastfeeding – she would vomit every time. Despite waiting for a while, the situation did not improve, and we had to take her to the doctor.

The doctor suggested that we move the baby to a different hospital as their facility was not equipped to handle her condition. This news left us worried and anxious about her well-being.

My mother then took me, along with my nephew, to our home to worship the gods for my niece’s recovery. We went to the area where we worship Lord Guan and Arya Avalokiteshvara. I prayed fervently to Lord Guan, asking for his blessings for my little niece’s recovery.

Suddenly, my nephew grabbed my hand and whispered, “Look, there is a weird man standing beside the kitchen door. He looks like Lord Guan in a green gown.” I was taken aback by his words and quickly looked in the direction he was pointing. I saw nothing but confusion was etched on my face.

My nephew added, “Look, that man can fly.” But still, I could not see anything. I was puzzled, wondering if my nephew had imagined it all.

After about half an hour, I received a call from my brother, who informed me that my niece was getting better and could breastfeed again. We were amazed by the sudden improvement in her condition.

When I asked my mother about what my nephew had seen, she replied that it might have been Lord Guan himself, blessing my little niece to get better.

Looking back at that experience, I can only believe that Lord Guan had truly blessed my niece and helped her overcome her health struggles.

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