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The Fragrant Entity A Haunting Tale of the Unexplained

The Fragrant Entity A Haunting Tale of the Unexplained

The Fragrant Entity A Haunting Tale of the Unexplained

It was the last year of primary school and I had a lot of homework to complete. My family signed me up for a tutoring class which I attended every day after school. Living in a village in Wuhan, there were many alleyways around the area. It was around eleven at night when I left the tutoring class to make my way home. The moon was full and bright, casting a beautiful light on the ground. As I walked, I approached a narrow alleyway which I had to pass sideways. That’s when I noticed a strange smell, a mix of fruits and perfume. I had never smelled anything like it before. I soon discovered a round and transparent object on the ground with a red object in the center of it, which looked like blood. Despite the strange smell, I found the object to be beautiful and put it in my pocket. When I reached home, I found everything to be quiet, and all my family members were asleep. I went to bed, not knowing that this event was only the beginning.

The next morning, I woke up and prepared to go to school. Before leaving, I saw the stone on my table, but the smell had faded away. When I returned home after school, the stone was missing. I asked my grandma if she had seen it on my table, but she replied that she had seen nothing. I ignored it, thinking that the event had come to an end, but I was wrong.

After the summer vacation, I started middle school in a town that was a little far from my home. I had to live in the school dormitory, and everything was normal until the end of the first semester mid-term exam. I woke up in the middle of the night, wanting to pee. The strange smell that I had experienced before was present again. My dorm was room number 208, opposite the staircases, and the washroom was located in the east in the hallway. As I walked towards the washroom, I noticed a person with long hair covering half of its face sitting by the door. I thought it was my imagination, but when it looked up at me, I saw its pale face and black eyes without pupils staring at me persistently. I ran back to my dorm in fear and didn’t sleep the whole night until dawn. I pestered my father to rent a house for me, and I moved out of the dormitory.

In my second year of middle school, I was lying in bed, thinking about something when I smelled that fragrance again. It was indistinctly far and near, but my roommate couldn’t smell it. I felt a blank in my mind and fell asleep. One day in physical education class, I pulled my thigh muscle, and it hurt a lot. Suddenly, I smelled that fragrance again, and I felt a blank in my mind once more and fell asleep. The next morning, my leg had recovered.

During my summer break, I passed the alleyway again, and as I turned, I saw the person with long hair and pale face looking at me again. It approached me with that strange smell, and I blacked out in horror. When I woke up, I was lying in my bed at home, and my grandma was sitting beside me. I told her everything that had happened to me over the last few years. She took me to seek help from a monk in a temple. The monk explained that the red stone was a medium for the entity to find me, and the smell was a symbol of its appearance. He said that the entity was not malicious towards me and knew that it had frightened me. The monk gave me a talisman to wear around my neck, and since then, I have never met that entity again, nor have I ever smelled that strange fragrance.

In conclusion, the experience was terrifying, but the talisman that the monk gave me protected me from that entity. The strange fragrance was the symbol of the entity’s appearance.

the red stone acted as a medium for it to find me. The entity never showed any signs of malice towards me, but its appearance and the strange smell were enough to scare me. It was only through the help of my grandmother and the monk that I was able to understand what was happening and find a solution to protect myself. Even though I never encountered the entity again, the memory of the experience still haunts me to this day. It was a reminder that there are things in this world that we cannot explain, and sometimes we need to rely on faith and the help of others to overcome them.

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