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The Haunted Bungalow and Otherworldly Dreams A Journey into the Paranormal

The Haunted Bungalow and Otherworldly Dreams A Journey into the Paranormal

The Haunted Bungalow and Otherworldly Dreams A Journey into the Paranormal

From a young age, I had always been fascinated by the paranormal. As a child, I would eat offerings of food for the dead while herding sheep. However, I remained skeptical about the existence of ghosts until one winter vacation, when my family moved to a bungalow. It was then that I felt the presence of something beyond our world.

One night, my stepfather returned home very late. In my half-asleep state, I heard him come in and ignored it. But then, I felt a chilling gust of wind blow into my room, followed by a sense of something entering and leaving my blanket repeatedly. Suddenly, I became conscious but unable to move. When I turned my head, I saw a woman in a white dress with long hair sitting at the head of my bed. I heard my stepfather speak to my mother, saying that he had also seen the woman sitting at the head of my bed. My mother then spoke to the ghost woman, asking her to leave me alone. However, the ghost woman refused, saying that she did not want to leave. My mother asked her what she wanted, while I struggled to move and eventually shouted out to my mom. As soon as I opened my eyes, everything disappeared, and my mother comforted me, saying it was just a bad dream. However, I continued to have nightmares after this experience.

Then, about a month ago, I had a dream in which I helped people pick up their child at the gate of a community. I met a girl who introduced me to the area and took me to a pavilion surrounded by various fruits. She gave me a bunch of grapes and told me that she wanted to go out for a look. As we walked, her parents approached us, and the mother gave me a meaningful look. They asked the girl to go home, and the girl suddenly fell to the ground, saying that she had attempted so many times, but had never been successful. I turned around to see an altar behind us and realized that they wanted to trade me for the girl to get out of that world.

I woke up suddenly, feeling relieved that my boyfriend was lying next to me. I closed my eyes again but realized that something was wrong – my boyfriend wasn’t in the house. I was unable to move or speak, and then I saw a transparent figure enter my room. It slowly approached me and pretended to be my boyfriend. The thing touched my head, and although I could see everything that was happening, I couldn’t move. I guessed that the entity wanted me to go back to sleep peacefully.

When I closed my eyes again, I found myself back in that community. This time, I struggled and eventually sat up, breaking free from the dream. Since then, I’ve had the same dream again, which has left me feeling uneasy.

These experiences have left me wondering whether the world beyond our own is real, and whether the paranormal is truly just a product of our imagination. Regardless, I’ve learned to be more cautious and aware of my surroundings, especially when I’m alone at night.

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