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The Haunting at the Natural Pool A Tragic Tale of Friendship and Revenge

The Haunting at the Natural Pool A Tragic Tale of Friendship and Revenge

The Haunting at the Natural Pool A Tragic Tale of Friendship and Revenge

It was a warm summer’s day in 2010 when my cousin and I decided to sneak off to the natural pool, despite the warning from the school’s chairman. We were both young, and the idea of swimming in the cool water was too tempting to resist. As we arrived at the pool, we were joined by our neighbor and a young man named Wang. Wang was well-known in the town, as he had a mental retardation that left him with an IQ of a five-year-old child. He was always kind to us, and whenever we needed his help, he was always willing to lend a hand.

As we took off our clothes and prepared to swim, Wang surprised us all by undressing and stepping into the water. My cousin was shocked, as he knew that Wang was afraid of swimming. Nevertheless, we didn’t stop him and instead asked him to stay close to the shore. However, tragedy struck when Wang slipped on some moss and fell into the deep end of the pool. My cousin jumped in to save him, but Wang panicked and pushed him under the water, desperately trying to get air. Despite his best efforts, my cousin was unable to save Wang, who drowned before our very eyes.

The following day, Wang’s family buried him, and my cousin was left traumatized by the incident. He was afraid to sleep for several nights after, haunted by the sound of dripping and the feeling of being watched by a pair of eyes. His grandmother tried to comfort him, but it wasn’t until she found a psychic who explained the truth behind Wang’s death that things began to make sense.

According to the psychic, Wang’s spirit was still lingering around the pool, blaming my cousin for his death. He had possessed the wind and the sound of dripping, tormenting my cousin until he was driven to madness. The psychic warned my cousin to stay away from any pools for the next three years, as Wang’s spirit was still seeking revenge.

From that day on, my cousin never went swimming again. He was too afraid of what might happen if he did. Whenever he heard the sound of dripping or felt the wind blowing through his window, he knew that Wang’s spirit was still watching him, waiting for the opportunity to strike. And so, he lived the rest of his life haunted by the memory of that fateful day at the natural pool, forever afraid of the ghost of his old friend.

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