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The Haunting of Wang's Grave A Tale of Revenge from Beyond the Grave

The Haunting of Wang’s Grave A Tale of Revenge from Beyond the Grave

The Haunting of Wang's Grave A Tale of Revenge from Beyond the Grave

I had always heard about supernatural experiences and hauntings, but I had never experienced them myself. That is until I heard the story of Wang’s grave. This story has been spreading in our town for many years, and it still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

My hometown is a small village where each family has been living for generations. It is an old custom for families to bury their deceased elders in their fields. The incident I am about to tell you happened to two neighbors of mine, Wang and Lee.

Wang’s father had passed away, and his family buried him in their field behind the house. Lee’s mother, Mrs. Lee, went to clean up the weeds in the orchard behind her house on the third day after Wang’s father’s death. It was then that she saw the dead Wang standing on the branch of an apple tree, staring directly at her. She was terrified and ran back home, not telling anyone about what she had seen.

On the fourth night, Mrs. Lee was woken up by a voice calling her name from outside the window. When she sat up, the calling stopped. As she laid back down, she heard the voice again, calling her name repeatedly until morning. She thought it was strange, but she shrugged it off as an old people’s superstition.

But things only got worse from there. For the next few days, Mrs. Lee could see the dead Wang standing next to his grave in the distance during the day. He was waving to her and asking her to approach him. She tried to ignore him, but his voice kept calling out to her, becoming more persistent with each passing day.

On the seventh day, Mrs. Lee had had enough. She was arguing with her daughter-in-law over some trivial matter when she suddenly felt thirsty and went into the kitchen to get some water. That’s when she saw the poison and heard the voice of the dead Wang, telling her to drink it. She did not know why she did what the voice had asked, but she drank the poison anyway.

The next day, Mrs. Lee was found dead in her home, surrounded by her family members. They were all in tears, unable to understand why she would take her own life. It was only later that they learned about the haunting of Wang’s grave and the voice that had driven her to suicide.

The villagers in our town demanded that the Wangs remove the grave. They cursed the wicked dead Wang and threatened to dig out his body and cut it to pieces. The Wangs complied and removed the grave, hoping to put an end to the haunting.

But some say that the ghost of Wang still haunts the village, seeking revenge for the desecration of his grave. Others say that the legend is just a myth, nothing more than an old wives’ tale. But I know what I heard, and I will never forget the haunting of Wang’s grave.

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