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The Last Two Years our Family's Battle Against the Paranormal to Save my Grandfather's Life

The Last Two Years our Family’s Battle Against the Paranormal to Save my Grandfather’s Life

The Last Two Years our Family's Battle Against the Paranormal to Save my Grandfather's Life

After Grandpa’s accident, his health took a turn for the worse, and he was hospitalized for over a week. The doctor gave a bleak prognosis, saying there was a high probability that Grandpa would not survive. our family made the decision to bring him home so he could spend his final days surrounded by loved ones.

Grandpa’s bed was positioned near a window that had a talisman hanging on the wall, meant to ward off any paranormal entities or malevolent spirits. However, there was a sense of unease in the air, as if something was lurking just out of sight.

In my hometown, there was a tradition of seeking out a fortune teller in the mountains when a family member was close to passing away. The fortune teller would give an approximate time of death, allowing the family to prepare for the funeral. we sought out the fortune teller and were told of two potential times of Grandpa’s passing: January 17, 2021, between 5pm and 7pm, and October 20, 2021, between 10.30pm and 3am the next day.

my family was determined to help Grandpa survive the two periods of his potential passing, and the first period passed without incident. However, as the second period approached, there was a growing sense of dread in the air.

On the night of October 20th, Grandpa with us (me\uncle\aunt\grandma) were present in the house. As the clock approached 10:04 PM, the dogs in and around the house began to whine and howl simultaneously, as if sensing something ominous.

we rushed to Grandpa’s room, where we saw his breathing becoming rapid, and his eyes fixed on the window. Suddenly, a cold and eerie voice echoed in my minds, saying, “I am taking him away.”

I, possessed by a sudden anger, shouted out and demanded that the unknown entity reveal itself. Turning to the window, we saw a white shadowy figure of a woman outside. I screamed threats, hoping to scare the entity away, but it disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared.

Grandpa’s condition rapidly deteriorated, and he cried out as if someone was taking him away. we tried to comfort him, but we were all frightened and confused. Grandpa repeated the phrase, “take it off, take it off,” several times, and we soon realized that he was referring to the talisman on the wall.

I, determined to protect Grandpa at any cost, stormed out of the room and into the yard, shouting threats into the night. I returned to the room, not knowing whether it was my own anger or the power of the talisman that had calmed Grandpa down.

Afterwards, my family invited a Taoist to perform a ceremony of expelling ghosts in the home, and Grandpa gradually recovered. But as time passed, his health began to decline again. Last May, his health took a turn for the worse, and he was no longer able to sit or stand on his own. As predicted by the fortune teller, Grandpa’s time was running out.

In his final days, strange occurrences continued to happen in the house. Doors would open and close on their own, and the family could feel a presence in the room, even though there was no one there. Grandpa’s condition continued to worsen, until he passed away peacefully in his sleep, just two years after the fortune teller’s prediction.

I was left to wonder if the strange occurrences in the house were connected to Grandpa’s passing, or if it was just our imagination running wild.

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