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The Mysterious Shadow A Haunting Encounter on a Dark Path in Northeast China

The Mysterious Shadow A Haunting Encounter on a Dark Path in Northeast China

The Mysterious Shadow A Haunting Encounter on a Dark Path in Northeast China

It was early spring of 1986 when my wife and I were living in the countryside of Liaodong, Northeast China. My wife worked for a small clinic and was on the night shift that day. I brought her some food before leaving for an errand that I was asked to do by the leader of the clinic. He needed me to bring two sacks of potatoes to our village, which was about 20 kilometers away and required hiking over a mountain. Although I was hesitant, I couldn’t refuse the favor as there was no other man available to do it that night.

I packed the two sacks of potatoes on my bicycle and headed towards the village. As I reached a fork in the road, I had to choose between the asphalt road, which was farther away from the village, or a small path that was closer but more remote. I decided to take the small path, although the atmosphere was eerie with the wind blowing dry leaves and the weeds and trees on both sides of the path.

After walking a few meters, I heard a scream and noticed a black shadow of a man about 10 meters behind me. My first thought was that I had encountered a robber, and I became terrified. I got on my bike and started rushing down the hill. Although I thought the robber wouldn’t be able to catch up with me, I heard the sounds behind me, and I knew that the man was still following me. Due to the rugged path, I couldn’t turn around to see.

When I reached the bottom of the mountain, I stopped and got off my bike, grabbing a stone from the ground and holding it in my hand. The shadow was still standing at a distance of about 10 meters, and I started yelling and cursing at him. But the shadow didn’t move and just stood there in silence. It was at this moment that a person from our village passed by and saw me. He asked me who I was talking to, and I explained that it might be a robber.

Suddenly, we both saw something that made us feel shocked. On both sides of the path, there were terraces on one side and cliffs on the other. After a while, the shadow turned away from me and slowly floated up from the ground to the terraces, as if walking in the air. It faded away into the darkness, leaving me and the person from the village in awe.

Afterward, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of fear and confusion that I felt that night. I mentioned the incident to the person from the village, and he told me that he saw it too. However, he was too scared to speak up at that moment, just as I was.

Rumors soon spread throughout the village about the mysterious shadow that had been seen that night. Some believed that it was the spirit of a man who had been robbed and killed in the area years ago. Others said it was the ghost of a traveler who had fallen off the cliff and died. Although I was a skeptic about paranormal activities, this experience had left me with more questions than answers.

To this day, I still wonder what that shadow was and why it followed me that night. Was it really a robber, or was it something more otherworldly? The memory of that night will forever haunt me.

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